Environment & Energy


Basic Do’s and Don’t’s before, during and after an earthquake

In the aim of preparing the community to a possible earthquake the project developed the leaflet ‘Basic Do’s and Don’t’s before, during and after an earthquake’.   During an earthquake, sometimes a person experiences a panic fear, which leads to an unreasonable and unsafe for human life more


Practical guidelines ‘Reducing the Damage in an Earthquake’

To get the community prepared to possible earthquake the project has developed the practical guidelines ‘Reducing the Damage in an Earthquake’.   The manual provides types of unstable objects, their approximate weight and step by step instructions on their mounting to a wall or other stable more


1st Issue of the ‘Strengthening Disaster Risk Management Capacities in Uzbekistan’ project newsletter

  The newsletter will provide you with information about the progress, recent achievements, and important forthcoming activities related to the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in Uzbekistan.   more


Uzbekistan’s climatic and geographic features, and its unique ecosystems which are home to globally significant flora and fauna, have made environmental sustainability a national priority. Given rapid economic development in recent years, Uzbekistan recognises the need to balance economic growth and environmental protection. Therefore, a major national objective is to ensure that Uzbekistan’s environment is effectively protected and sustainably utilised for the benefit of future generations. Through capacity building and piloting initiatives, UNDP has contributed to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal 7 and corresponding national MDG targets.