Programmes and initiatives

Pathfinder Award

UNDP, IUCN-WCPA and WildArk present the inaugural Pathfinder Award for innovation in nature conservation.  

Tax Inspectors Without Borders

Tax Inspectors Without Borders - UNDP-OECD Joint Initiative to support countries to build tax audit capacity.  

Preparing airports for disasters

A joint project of UNDP and Deutsche Post-DHL is helping airports get ready for potential disaster scenarios that can slow relief efforts.  

UNDP-GEF International Waters Portfolio

UNDP-GEF facilitating regional and national governance reforms towards sustainable, integrated management of multi-country freshwater and marine systems.  

Global coalition of think tank networks for South-South cooperation

This is a joint effort to draw on the high-quality expertise of existing think tank networks and research institutes and develop a knowledge platform for South-South Cooperation research and policy…  

Initiative towards inclusive and sustainable new communities

Adapting and updating the Saemaul experiences to respond to local challenges spanning from food insecurity to poverty and exclusion, fragility and conflict.  

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