Helen Clark: Ethiopia's climate resilient and green economy strategy

Dec 8, 2011

Statement by Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator At the Launch of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Initiative in Durban, South Africa

8 December, 2011 at 6.30pm – 8.00pm

I congratulate the Government of Ethiopia on the launch of this Climate Resilient Green Economy Initiative, and applaud the forward looking vision the Government has set for the country to pursue a green and climate resilient path to achieve its economic growth goals.

Ethiopia has registered impressive double digit yearly economic growth in the last decade. The International Monetary Fund expects Ethiopia to become one of the world’s fastest growing economies in the coming years.

The goals set in Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Plan and its “Climate Resilient Green Economy” strategy are inspirational.

Going forward, low-emission, climate resilient, growth strategies are badly needed for both developing and developed countries. The Climate Resilient Green Economy strategy places Ethiopia at the forefront of countries planning for the transition to a green economy.

Ethiopia plays a leadership role in Africa and the world at large on climate change. The Climate Resilient Green Economy strategy shows Ethiopia leading by example.

UNDP strongly supports Ethiopia’s efforts to pursue a Climate Resilient Green Economy, and we are very pleased to add our voice in support of its launch.

We also appreciate the confidence which the Ethiopian Government has placed in UNDP by entrusting us with the role of being interim Administrative Agent for the national Climate Resilient Green Economy strategy.

UNDP has experience of administering this type of trust fund around the world. Having a financial mechanism attached to a national strategy is critical for attracting the financing needed to implement it.

UNDP will now help build the fiduciary capacity which will enable a national entity of the Government of Ethiopia’s choice to take over the administrative agent role in the future.

UNDP will continue to be a partner to the Government of Ethiopia on the Climate Resilient Green Economy Initiative from planning to implementation in the coming years.

Furthermore, UNDP will be able to draw on the experiences of Ethiopia as it supports other developing countries to design and establish National Climate Funds. We have already developed a guidebook, based on experiences like Ethiopia’s, to help countries pursue their climate and development goals with clear strategies and plans.

Once again, we congratulate Ethiopia on its leadership and foresight in establishing its Climate Resilient and Green Economy Strategy.

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