Helen Clark to the Executive Board: funding commitments to UNDP

May 26, 2009

Statement by Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme on the Occasion of the Annual Session of the Executive Board of UNDP/UNFPA

Item 3: Funding Commitments to UNDP

Mr. President,
Members of the Executive Board,
Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am pleased to lead off this important segment on funding of UNDP and its administered funds and programmes.  

These are tough times for developing countries, and it is important that UNDP has the capacity to respond to their needs as they navigate through the global recession. None of us want to see hard won development gains reversed.
For UNDP to be an effective part of the multilateral effort to deal with the recession, we need adequate and predictable funding.

All the funding we receive is gathered on a voluntary basis. That means it is also the easiest to cut when donors’ budgets are tight.

Yet, this is the very time when we need our committed donors to sustain their commitments. Ideally we would be growing our funding to meet the extra needs. Ideally we would also be expanding our donor base.

With the generous support of a number of donors, the $1.1 billion core income target set for 2008 was met.  We need to meet our income targets this year too and in future years. A number of our top donors, despite these very difficult times, have already committed to maintain their levels of core contribution over the multi-year period of the Strategic Plan, and for that we are especially grateful.

Currently, our funding projections for 2009 are a concern.  With core contributions currently expected to reach $965m, UNDP would be well short of the 2009 core target of $1.25 billion set out in the Strategic Plan. This is happening because of some donor decisions to reduce funding and because of exchange rate losses. So I do urge those who can to dig deep into their pockets to ensure our resource levels do not fall behind those of past years.  

It will be a priority for me to work closely with our existing donors to sustain current commitments, and also consider how to expand the range of Member States that might contribute.  

In return, UNDP commits to continuing to improve its reporting and accountability to the Board on what we are contributing to development.  

With your support, I hope we will have the resources necessary to meet the development needs of those we serve.

I now give the floor to Bruce Jenks, the head of UNDP’s Partnerships Bureau, who will present to you a more in-depth picture on our funding.

Thank you.

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