Takeshi Kohno

Special Adviser and Senior Programme Adviser

Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy, UNDP New York

United States
English, Indonesian, Japanese
Conflict prevention, Governance, Partnerships, Peacebuilding

Takeshi Kohno joined UNDP’s Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy in September 2011.  He is responsible for fund raising for UNDP’s initiatives and the overall management of more than 100 Japan-funded projects. He was the Head of the Political Section in the Embassy of Japan in Timor-Leste from April 2009 to August 2011.

 Previously, Mr. Kohno was an Associate Professor and taught social movement and democratization at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Japan’s leading public policy school in Tokyo from 2003 to 2009.  Before joining GRIPS, Mr. Kohno was a senior adviser at the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia from 2000 to 2003. He supported the Aceh peace process and democratization of Indonesia’s political institutions.

 Mr. Kohno has held several positions in the Japanese Government’s consultation committees in the Ministries of Education, Science and Technology, Foreign Affairs, Land and Transport, and the Prime Minister’s Office.

 Mr. Kohno graduated from Doshisha University’s Law Faculty in Kyoto. He also holds degrees from Ohio University’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies.  He earned his PhD from Ohio State University’s Political Science Department. He was awarded numerous fellowships including the Henry Luce Foundation Fellowship, the Matsushita International Foundation Fellowship, the US Department of Education Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship for two years to study Indonesian and Burmese languages, and a four-year research funding from the Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences to study Islamic education in Southeast Asia.


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