Milica Begovic Radojevic

Innovation Specialist, UNDP Regional Centre for Europe and the CIS

English, Montenegrin
Crisis prevention and recovery, Early recovery, Environment, Innovation, Sustainable development

Milica Begovic Radojevic is an innovation specialist at the UNDP Regional Centre for Europe and the CIS in Istanbul. She works on social innovation for development.

Previously, she was the Economy and Environment Team Leader in UNDP Montenegro. She supported Montenegro as it moved towards a low emission market economy in a way which promotes the well-being and prosperity of communities and their environment and local economies.

She designed strategic programmes that promote the efficient use of energy and renewable sources of energy to assist the country in strengthening the resilience of its ecosystems economy and communities. She also designed disaster risk reduction programmes, worked to increase the competitiveness of small- to medium-sized enterprises working in and around protected areas, connect businesses across borders, and supported national and local partners with the management of protected areas.

Prior to joining UNDP, Ms. Begovic Radojevic worked for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, followed by a posting at the UN as a coordination officer.

Ms. Begovic Radojevic is a Montenegrin national and holds a PhD in political science, a Master’s degree in Political Science and Bachelor’s degree in ICT and communications from the University of Alabama, USA.



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