Area-based development programme funded by Russia benefits 30,000 people of Naryn

Feb 21, 2014

Bishkek – United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kyrgyzstan launched a new programme on area-based development of Naryn Province.


The goal of the programme is to reduce poverty in Naryn province through the creation of conditions for balanced and sustainable socio-economic development that will benefit around 30 thousand people from vulnerable groups.


The two-year programme is implemented with the financial support of the Russian Federation in the amount of US$3.5 millions.

Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Jantoro Satybaldiyev, Russian Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic Andrei Krut'ko and UNDP Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan Alexander Avanessov officially presented the programme at the Kyrgyz Government House.

During the presentation, participants noted that the Naryn Area-Based Development Programme met the key priorities, as reflected in the 2013-2017 National Sustainable Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Naryn Oblast Development Strategy.

It puts in practice the Joint Statement following the official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Kyrgyz Republic on 19 and 20 September 2012.

The programme will support national and local institutions, in several districts of the province, in creating an enabling environment for business development, as well as the development and implementation of projects for socio-economic development. Local communities, farmers and small and medium-sized businesses will participate in the implementation of the projects.

"The programme is linked to the results of UNDP’s completed projects in Naryn and other areas of the Kyrgyz Republic that helped to shape a serious institutional and substantive basis for the successful implementation of the new programme," said Alexander Avanessov in his opening remarks.

The main components of the programme are:

•         Development of agricultural business.

•         Improving vocational education.

•         Support for local initiatives through small grants funds.

The two-year programme shouldl benefit about 30 thousand people from 30 villages of Naryn, with special emphasis on women and youth.

Russian Ambassador Andrey Krut'ko noted that this programme should be closely linked with the implementation of Russia’s major investment project – construction of the hydropower plant cascade on upper Naryn River. "We have already started discussions between UNDP, Roshydro and CJSC "Upper Naryn HPP" on possible and the most important areas of cooperation," noted Ambassador Krut'ko.

Naryn Province was chosen as a pilot area for the programme as it lags behind on most indicators compared to other provinces of Kyrgyzstan.

The analysis revealed that the key systemic problem of the province is disproportionately high poverty seen in generally low quality of life, disregard of basic social and economic rights, poor provision of public/municipal services. All these factors constrain economic growth and development of social and industrial infrastructure to improve levels and standards of living.

UNDP is currently working on similar area-based development programmes for other areas of the countryl. "In this work we have full support from the Government and other government agencies, and we hope we will be able to attract resources from donors, including the Russian Federation, to implement these programmes," said Alexander Avanessov.

Naryn Area-Based Development Programme is another example of assistance to Kyrgyzstan provided by the Russian Federation in the field of development. Many Russian-funded projects and programmes have been or are being implemented by a number of UN agencies and institutions, including UNDP.

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