UNDP, Singapore to establish Global Centre for Public Service Excellence

Jul 2, 2012

UNDP chief Helen Clark launches development research hub with Second Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew. Photo: UNDP

Singapore – Following their meeting today, Helen Clark, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew jointly announced that UNDP and the Government of the Republic of Singapore expect to establish a Global Centre for Public Service Excellence in the city of Singapore by the end of the year.

The Global Centre, which will be jointly resourced and established by the Government of the Republic of Singapore and UNDP, will prioritise strengthening the capacities of developing countries to design, identify and implement effective policies and processes that support the delivery of efficient public services leading to lasting, sustainable socio-economic development.

Helen Clark noted that the Centre is intended to be a leading research hub that draws upon the best quality material emanating from think-tanks and universities, and from on-going policy practice in Singapore and other countries, in order to supplement UNDP’s existing knowledge and research capability. It will also be a convening hub that uses the unique position of Singapore to bring together and connect diverse experiences in promoting South-South collaboration, sharing, exchange and co-creation. UNDP’s global outreach and networks are expected to help the Centre become a global hub for all knowledge sharing and policy thinking on public service capacity for sustainable development.

Minister Lui Tuck Yew noted that the establishment of the Global Centre reflects the further deepening of the strong and longstanding relationship between Singapore and UNDP.

This Global Centre represents a collaborative effort to assist developing and other countries across the world, including Singapore, to strengthen their public service policies, strategies and institutions.

Helen Clark, who was on a 2 day official visit to Singapore, was also the Keynote Speaker for the opening ‘In-Conversation” session at the World Cities Summit 2012 at which she shared her  assessment of the recently concluded Rio+20 Summit in Brazil as well as her views on cities, the environment, and sustainable development.

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