UNDP receives additional funding from development partners for COPAC to support constitution making in Zimbabwe

Nov 24, 2011

Continuing its support to the constitutional reform process in Zimbabwe, UNDP has in the last two weeks received an additional USD 3.1 million. The latest contributions bring to USD 21 million the total resources availed by development partners to date in support of a people-driven constitution making process.

The recent contribution comes as the process enters a crucial phase of drafting of the supreme law of the land. This task is being undertaken by the Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC). COPAC has engaged a team of 17 constitutional experts who will work closely with the three principal drafters-Justice Moses Chinhengo, Mrs Priscilla Madzonga and Mr. Brian Crozier. The two teams will be working under the supervision of the Select Committee.

As part of the preparatory processes for drafting the constitution, the Select Committee, has been working on the following; country wide outreach to solicit people's views followed by data collection, then compilation and analysis; plus finalization of district, provincial and national reports. The process is at a stage where a team of experts has been set up to come up with constitutional principles, the constitutional framework, and the compilation of constitutional issues derived from the public consultations and submissions from special interest groups and individuals. This information will be used to guide the drafting team.

Once the draft constitution is in place, it will be translated into vernacular languages as well as Braille and will be circulated for Zimbabweans to comment. It will also be presented at a Second Stakeholder Conference for discussion and validation before it is debated in Parliament in preparation for the referendum.

UNDP and development partners are committed to continue to support COPAC and the people of Zimbabwe to conclude the constitutional making process which is an important milestone in Zimbabwe's history.

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