Mountaineer on his way down due to health issues

May 27, 2009

Professional mountaineer Mogens Jensen was close to the top of Mount Everest, at 7,700m, when a lung oedema forced him to interrupt his expedition.

Mogens had expected to plant a U.N. flag and bring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the top of Everest.

“The limit for what you can reach is what you can resist!”, he wrote on his blog.

Mogens Jensen was on his way to Camp 3 when a severe change of weather exposed him to heavy winds and temperatures below 30 degrees Celcius. There, his lungs started to fill up with water.

“As soon as I took the first step out of camp 3, at 7,200m, I felt that something fundamental was wrong. My steps were way too slow and I was inhaling two litres of oxygen at the same time,” he explained.

Danish Internet based science portal  monitored the expedition closely and, according to experts. Jensen’s quick descend was the right thing to do.

Professor Bengt Saltin from Copenhagen University explained:”Had Mogens Jensen stayed at high altitude, he would have died within 24 to 48 hours. A normalized air pressure will stabilize his condition,” he added.
”Reaching the Millennium Development Goals is an Everest in itself but if stars and moon are at the right place and time, it is possible. I know it, I have made it to the top myself already!” said Jensen.
Contact Information More information at Mogens Jensen cell phone +45 2762 3267 or email or Henrik Kastoft, communication officer at UNDP in Copenhagen phone +45 3546 7154 or email

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