For the record

"For the record" provides official responses relating to media coverage on the work of UNDP. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Communications at +1-212-906-5382.

Correction by the Associated Press of an article on UNDP and Global Fund

28 Jan 2011

BC-EU-AIDS Fund-Corruption, CORRECTIVE Eds: Editors who used BC-EU-AIDS Fund-Corruption, sent Jan. 23 and datelined Geneva, are asked to use the following story:    GENEVA (AP) - In a Jan. 23 story about corruption among recipients of grants from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tubemore

Response to media coverage of UNDP-GEF projects

31 Jan 2011

Response to media coverage on the recent evaluation of “UNDP Contribution to the Environmental Management for Poverty Reduction: The Poverty Environment Nexus.” (27 January 2011)Background:UNDP strongly believes in the relationship between poverty reduction and sound environmental manamore

UNDP responds to accusations by Omar Noman

07 Jan 2011

UNDP has looked into corruption allegations made by Mr. Omar Noman in written communications starting in 2010. None of the allegations were substantiated.Although Mr. Noman is a UNDP staff member, he is currently not authorized to exercise any official function or speak on behalf of UNDP or the Unmore

UNDP's relation with the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria

24 Jan 2011

Response to media coverage on UNDP’s relation with the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. UNDP takes its responsibility towards our donors and the beneficiaries very seriously. As per the policy our rules set by UNDP Executive Board, our internal audit reports are shared upmore

UNDP launches investigation following arrest of protesters in Bahrain

15 Jun 2011

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York has been advised that three women who conducted a peaceful protest at the organization’s offices in the capital Manama have been released by police and that charges will not be pressed.UNDP made urgent representation to Bahrain’s authoritiemore

Response to media coverage of shelters in Afghanistan

15 Feb 2011

UNDP Afghanistan works very closely with government ministries, particularly the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, towards improving the situation for Afghan women. Through our partnership with the Government, from 2007 to 2010, total expenditure was US$6.3 million on a range of gender-related projects.more

UNDP responds to Media Reports on Afghan Police Audit

28 Apr 2011

Media reports about a special audit of the Afghan National Police (ANP) personnel management systems unfairly characterize the findings of that investigation. They leave the impression that the Afghan Ministry of Interior’s police payroll system, which is supported by the United Nations Development more

Response to media coverage of Timor Leste National Human Development Report 2010

11 Jan 2011

International and Australian media have recently reported on a leaked early draft of the Timor Leste National Human Development Report 2010. This report generally focuses on progress achieved by Timor Leste, noting its free and fair elections, constitution-building, development vision, and legal fmore

Response to US House Foreign Committee Chairman on UNDP

02 May 2011

Dear Madame Chairman:The statement issued from your office last week about the U.N. Development Programme’s activities in Syria was apparently based on incomplete and inaccurate media reports. In light of developments in Syria, UNDP leadership had already decided to defer consideration of a nemore