For the record

"For the record" provides official responses relating to media coverage on the work of UNDP. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Communications at +1-212-906-5382.

UNDP response to inauguration of school in Gaza

19 Jul 2012

As part of its mandate, UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People supports a wide range of development initiatives, including education projects such as building schools. UNDP implemented the construction of this school that was upon completion,  handed over to the Ministry of Edmore

Helen Clark Statement on World Business Development Award

17 Jul 2012

I have worked tirelessly throughout my career to achieve a smoke free society in New Zealand, and was, thus, shocked to learn that a World Business Development Award, supported by UNDP, was given to a company which derives a substantial proportion of its profits from tobacco. Unfortunately the critmore

UNDP sets record straight on WIPO transaction

27 Jul 2012

UNDP has not ``financed’’ the shipment of computers to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or Iran on behalf of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), as has been erroneously reported in a few media outlets recently.  As a service, UNDP occasionally makes payments on behmore

UNDP responds to recent stories on Afghan audit of the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA)

27 Jun 2012

Under the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan project, the police force in Afghanistan has grown from around 50,000 to over 135,000 personnel.  Under LOFTA: 80 percent of the more than 135,000 Afghan police receive their salaries directly in their bank accounts through verifiable electronmore

Message on the UNDP investigation on the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan

18 Jun 2012

In line with UNDP’s zero tolerance for fraud, investigations into various operational aspects of the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) are ongoing. Appropriate temporary and permanent measures are being taken towards concerned contractors and staff in line with UNDP's strict anti-fraumore

UNDP investigation of the law and order trust fund for Afghanistan

11 Jun 2012

Statement regarding the ongoing Office of Audit and Investigation (OAI) work into various aspects of the Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan (LOTFA) ’s operation: 1.            UNDP is committed to preventing, identifying and addressing almore

UNDP sets the record straight on Afghanistan fund

13 May 2012

The Wall Street Journal articles published on 10 and 13 May 2012 imply weak and ineffective management of a major internationally-funded program in Afghanistan. We disagree. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has strong institutional oversight and accountability mechanisms in place more

Correction by the Associated Press of an article on UNDP and Global Fund

28 Jan 2011

BC-EU-AIDS Fund-Corruption, CORRECTIVE Eds: Editors who used BC-EU-AIDS Fund-Corruption, sent Jan. 23 and datelined Geneva, are asked to use the following story:    GENEVA (AP) - In a Jan. 23 story about corruption among recipients of grants from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tubemore

Response to media coverage of UNDP-GEF projects

31 Jan 2011

Response to media coverage on the recent evaluation of “UNDP Contribution to the Environmental Management for Poverty Reduction: The Poverty Environment Nexus.” (27 January 2011)Background:UNDP strongly believes in the relationship between poverty reduction and sound environmental manamore

UNDP responds to accusations by Omar Noman

07 Jan 2011

UNDP has looked into corruption allegations made by Mr. Omar Noman in written communications starting in 2010. None of the allegations were substantiated.Although Mr. Noman is a UNDP staff member, he is currently not authorized to exercise any official function or speak on behalf of UNDP or the Unmore