India+Social Good

Apr 9, 2014

India’s future and the developing role of Social Good in making the world a better place will be the focus of a groundbreaking initiative in Mumbai, India, on 9 April 2014. Global leaders, policy makers and philanthropists will meet in Mumbai for the one-day India+SocialGood Summit to discuss the use of technology and new media in global action for change.
The event, tied to the annual Social Good Summit that takes place during UN Week in New York City, will highlight social issues and challenges and explore how innovation and new technology can help improve people’s lives in the world’s largest democracy. In keeping with the goals of the Social Good Summit to open the conversation to everyone, everywhere, the event will be live-streamed to a worldwide audience.

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Looking at how India is solving the world's biggest challenges, one billion people at a time.

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India +SocialGood Summit is Coming April 9th!

YOU'RE INVITED: India+ Plus Social Good happening April 9 in Mumbai. This is the largest convening of its kind, bringing together a conversation around technology+new media+global issues+innovation and new voices in India. 

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  • India+SocialGood
  • India+SocialGood
  • Panel: The Power of Innovation to Solve World Challenges
  • Panel: The Power of Innovation to Solve World Challenges

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