From Advocacy through Implementation to Acceleration and Beyond

The Global MDG Conference (GMC) held from 27 to 28 February 2013, in Bogota (Colombia), brought together partners playing a crucial role in turning the global MDG agenda into force towards human development at national and sub-national levels. With close than 200 participants from about 40 countries, the Conference aim at maintaining the momentum for accelerating progress to 2015, while taking stock of lessons learned from efforts to achieve the MDGs so as to help inform the development agenda beyond 2015.

Lead experts, practitioners and thinkers from governments, academia, civil society, UNDP and other UN/development agencies actively exchanged their views, knowledge and evidence on areas of relevance to the MDGs. Drawing from their rich repository of practical knowledge and evidence accumulated in different development settings, participants highlighted successes and constraints in implementation of MDG initiatives through a number of working papers that were featured during the Conference covering the following themes:

•    MDG breakthroughs and challenges for the next generation;
•    The Final Push: Accelerating towards the MDGs and sustaining progress;
•    Mainstreaming the MDGs- translating a global agenda into national action and addressing gaps;
•    The unfinished business of the MDGs and the emerging agenda beyond 2015.

The presented working papers have been compiled in the GMC Conference Paper Series. Some of this evidence is also featured in UNDP’s 2013 report, “Accelerating Progress, Sustaining Results”. 

Read UNDP Administrator Helen Clark's opening remarks to the conference.

MDGs in Action

Video: Colombia's Economic Empowerment

Interviews with participants

Hear the views and opinions of the GMC participants on the unfinished business of the MDGs and the future development agenda. From High level Government and UN & WB representatives, to NGOs, and Country Office and Regional Service Center colleagues.)


MDG Acceleration Framework

The MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) supports countries in determining how they can accelerate progress to achieve the MDGs by removing critical bottlenecks that are impeding implementation.

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MDG Achievement Fund

The MDG Achievement Fund works together with citizens, organizations and governments to implement programmes that help advance the Millennium Development Goals worldwide.

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MY World Global Survey

The United Nations and partners want to hear from YOU! MY World is a global survey asking you to choose your priorities for a better world. Results will be shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda. Tell us about the world you want, because your voice matters.

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