International Day for Disaster Reduction

Oct 13, 2012

In the last decade, almost one million people have been killed by disasters and more than one trillion dollars have been lost. Yet only 1% of international aid is spent to minimise the impact of these disasters.

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UNDP in Nepal
Bamboo keeps villagers dry in Nepal

“When my village floods, which it does almost annually, we never know how bad it will get. Some people lose their whole house, most will losemore 

UNDP in Armenia
Reducing the risk of disaster in Armenia

Hovhannes Arakelyan has witnessed hundreds of floods in his remote village of Sipanik, in Western Armenia. "I have seen smashed roads, houses, and crops, and disastersmore 

UNDP in Haiti
Haitian women rebuild their lives one brick at a time

The main driving force for earthquake-damaged house rebuilding in Haiti is not the government, the private sector, NGOs or international organizations. Families and communities have beenmore 

UNDP in Pakistan


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