International Day of Democracy

Sep 15, 2011

Democratic governance is a cornerstone of the United Nations Development Programme’s work, instrumental to empowering nations and communities in 177 countries and territories around the world and advancing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Our results

Fostering inclusive participation

For the January 2011 Southern Sudan Referendum, UNDP worked through the UN Integrated Referendum and Electoral Division to:

  • manage donor funds of more than US$56 million in international assistance;
  • procure 3,160 registration kits, 7.5 million ballots and 8,500 polling booths; 
  • deliver polling materials via commercial trucks, helicopters and air drops. 

UNDP also supported voter education and media training, and deployed more than 500 electoral observers to 62 counties during the voter registration period. More results >

Promoting responsive governing institutions 

In Georgia, UNDP supported the Legal Aid Service in opening 11 offices and three consultation centres across the country, near populations most in need of legal services. In 2010, the service received more than 20,000 applications for assistance. UNDP also supported training of lawyers and the public on civil rights. More results >

Mainstreaming international principles 

In Afghanistan, women won 27 percent of parliamentary seats, exceeding a 25 percent quota reserved for them at September 2010 elections, following a programme of UNDP electoral assistance that included awareness raising and training on gender-related issues. More results >

Our stories

  • Record number of voters ready

    A record number of more than 7.3 million Guatemalans registered to vote ahead of Guatemala's presidential elections on 11 September.More 

  • UNDP trained some 31,000 Electoral Commission and temporary staff to conduct various functions for the upcoming presidential and assembly vote, including registration and updates to the existing register.More 

  • TV production to boost youth civic participation

    A mass media campaign in Cambodia empowers young adults aged 15-24, targeting three million of voting age ahead of local elections next year and a national election in 2013.More 

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