International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

17 Oct 2011

image Fishermen bring in the daily catch in south-eastern Viet Nam. Photo: UNDP/Tran Vinh Nghia

Sustainable human development is at the heart of UNDP’s work. Economic growth will not produce jobs and cut poverty unless it is inclusive and unless the needs of the poor and marginalised are at the centre of development priorities. Research shows that when men and women have equal opportunities and freedoms, economic growth accelerates and poverty declines more rapidly. UNDP thus works with developing countries to integrate the standards and principles of human rights such as non-discrimination, participation and accountability in design and implementation of development policies and programmes. Our work on poverty reduction, democratic governance and environmental sustainability goes hand in hand.

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Our Stories


Value chains: Supporting inclusive markets in agriculture and trade in Uganda

Grace Lawilu, 49, is a rice farmer in Northern Uganda, close to the border of South Sudan. Scattered homesteads made up of wattle huts and mud, separated by green thickets and walkways, make up this largely undeveloped expanse of swampy grassland. This is where Lawilu has lived for the last 35 yearsmore


'People, planet, profit' jumpstarts progress in Tajikistan

In the Gonchi district of Tajikistan, Sharipova Nasiba has become her family’s main breadwinner. After Nasiba’s husband became too ill to work, the mother of two joined a women’s self-help group to begin a small business growing crops in a greenhouse. She and two other women received training in howmore


Tackling women’s unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

With an unemployment rate of close to 45 percent, finding a job in Bosnia and Herzegovina is hard, particularly for women over 40. Borka Karalic is one of them. After she lost her job as an administrative assistant in Banja Luka, she spent nine years trying to find another opportunity. “We are a jobmore


Afghanistan: Women gain access to clean water

Until recently, women in the village of Jukna, in the remote province of Badghis in western Afghanistan, used to walk four kilometres a day to collect drinking water for their families. And even then, the scarce, brackish water was often a health hazard. “The women used to collect water from uncovermore


Bangladesh: Empowering women to fight poverty

Shyamola Begum, 43, says she understands why her husband left her. Under the pressures of crippling poverty, with too many mouths to feed, he left their one room shanty in the capital one morning and never came back, she explains. “We came to this city looking for a better life but my husband Jamalmore

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Match Against Poverty 2011
Football stars Ronaldo and Zidane

announced that most of the proceeds of UNDP's annual Match Against Poverty will go towards addressing the ongoing food crisis in the Horn of Africa.

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Take One Action Against Poverty
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