International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Oct 17, 0011

image Fishermen bring in the daily catch in south-eastern Viet Nam. Photo: UNDP/Tran Vinh Nghia

Sustainable human development is at the heart of UNDP’s work. Economic growth will not produce jobs and cut poverty unless it is inclusive and unless the needs of the poor and marginalised are at the centre of development priorities. Research shows that when men and women have equal opportunities and freedoms, economic growth accelerates and poverty declines more rapidly. UNDP thus works with developing countries to integrate the standards and principles of human rights such as non-discrimination, participation and accountability in design and implementation of development policies and programmes. Our work on poverty reduction, democratic governance and environmental sustainability goes hand in hand.

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Our Stories

  •   Bolstering self-reliance for refugees and the displaced in IraqJun 19, 2015Bolstering self-reliance for refugees and the displaced in IraqCash-for-work programs in Iraq benefit both refugees and internally displaced Iraqis to rebuild their livelihood and feel ownership over their lives.

  •  Tackling women’s unemployment in Bosnia and HerzegovinaJul 1, 2014Tackling women’s unemployment in Bosnia and HerzegovinaInitiative financed by the European Union strengthens the cooperation between civil society organizations and local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to respond to the local needs such as women's unemployment.

  •  Value Chains: Supporting inclusive markets in agriculture and trade in UgandaOct 14, 2014Value Chains: Supporting inclusive markets in agriculture and trade in UgandaGrace Lawilu, a rice farmer in northern Uganda, has increased her income with support from a UNDP project that helps small scale farmers improve their products and access international markets.

  • 'People, planet, profit' jumpstarts progress in TajikistanAug 2, 2013'People, planet, profit' jumpstarts progress in TajikistanTajikistan is investing in green businesses, helping drive development that improves livelihoods while considering the environment.

  • Afghanistan: Women gain access to clean waterMay 29, 2014Afghanistan: Women gain access to clean waterUNDP is helping women participate in decisions affecting their communities and many are reaping the benefits with cleaner water.

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Match Against Poverty 2011
Football stars Ronaldo and Zidane

announced that most of the proceeds of UNDP's annual Match Against Poverty will go towards addressing the ongoing food crisis in the Horn of Africa.

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Everyone has an opportunity and a responsibility to make a world of 7 billion a better place for all of us. Share your story how you are making a difference in your community – and globally.

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