Civil society advises on emerging development frontiers and alliances

Apr 25, 2013

members of UNDP's Civil society advisory committee with UNDP Admiinistrator Helen Clark in New York

New York – Clear civil society perspectives on policy priorities and innovation to support sustainable human development in a changing world emerged from the annual meeting of the Civil Society Advisory Committee to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
At its tenth annual meeting which concluded in New York today, the committee discussed with UNDP senior management and staff a range of topics, including UNDP’s upcoming Strategic Plan 2014-2017 and the dynamics of the organization’s strategic partnerships with philanthropic groups and the private sector.
“For UNDP, this committee meeting is a timely occasion to exchange views with representatives of global civil society and, in particular, to enhance our engagement with them on the vision for post-2015 and UNDP’s strategic direction,” UNDP Administrator Helen Clark said.
“There is a strong recognition that tomorrow’s development challenges require co-ordinated action. This is leading to new partnerships between countries and among non-state actors in the private sector, civil society and philanthropic organizations”, Helen Clark said.
As part of the two-day meeting, the committee met with representatives of other civil society organizations and UN agencies to consider continued challenges in achieving a unified global development framework, encompassing the post-2015 agenda and Rio+20 ‘tracks’.
Other sessions covered civil society voice and participation, the governance dimensions of extractive industries and the UNDP 2013 Human Development Report.  The committee also considered the role and relevance of the UN with the emergence of new development actors.
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Helen Clark welcomed eight new members and expressed appreciation for the work of the five committee members who stepped down last year, many of whom had helped found the committee a decade ago.  
The sixteen-member committee represents important constituencies, including, for the first time, youth, philanthropic associations and faith-based organizations.  The addition of a youth representative coincides with UNDP’s new strategy on youth whereby the voices and interests of this important constituency will be systematically incorporated into UNDP’s work.
A full list of committee members and their biographies are available online
Since the committee met last year, its members have been actively engaged in various aspects of UNDP’s work, including providing input into UNDP’s draft Strategic Plan; participating in global consultations and forums and advancing initiatives such as a joint project between UNDP and Shack Dwellers International which will draw on the local knowledge of informal urban dwellers, among other stakeholders, to respond to urban challenges.
As part of its global engagement with civil society, UNDP is urging the public to vote by this Friday (26 April) for the civil society recommendations to be put forward at the G20 summit in September.  To participate, please register on the Civil20 Dialogues platform, co-created by UNDP.  An ‘Address to the G20 Leaders’, the final document of the Civil20, will be discussed during a forthcoming Civil20 Summit on 13-14 June 2013.

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