Highlights from UNDP's work in 2012

Dec 31, 2012

imageRebuilding Haiti - Photo: UNDP in Haiti

“The new normal in our world is shock and volatility. Countries where we work are experiencing major climate events.  The host country of our global headquarters in New York, the United States, itself experienced a hurricane of unprecedented size.

Elsewhere, shock in the form of war and conflict affected countries from as far afield as Mali, South Sudan, Syria and Afghanistan.

2012 has seen major global events and debates around development, where UNDP has been at the forefront of reaching out to people.  That is happening with the national and thematic dialogues we are facilitating on the post-2015 development agenda, as it also did with Rio+20 where we launched a digital platform to ensure that people’s voices could be heard about the future we want."

Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator


January: Post-earthquake assistance in Haiti shifts to reconstruction

We marked the two year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake by highlighting the role of families and communities in rebuilding homes using disaster-resilience techniques. more


February: Food crisis in Africa’s Sahel region

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark and UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos visited Niger to draw attention to the looming food and nutrition crisis in Niger and in the Sahel region. more


March: First ever Global Human Development Forum held in Istanbul

Istanbul Declaration called on the world community to take bold action against global social inequities and environmental deterioration. more

Parliamentary Report

April: Launch of first ever Global Parliamentary Report

The report, in which more than 125 parliaments participated, argues that to address the current low-level of trust, parliaments must engage with citizens, stay closely attuned to their needs and make every effort to meet them. more

“Barbados Declaration”

May: Sustainable Energy for All Small Island Developing States

The “Barbados Declaration” was adopted at the Achieving Sustainable Energy for All in Small Island Developing States Conference, calling for universal access to affordable renewable energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. more


June: Creation of the Rio+ Centre

Among the outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference was the creation of a World Centre for Sustainable Development. The new centre will build on the successful existing partnership between the Government of Brazil and UNDP. more

Africa MDG report

July: Africa and MDG Progress

Africa’s development rests on access to quality jobs and social services, says the Assessing Progress in Africa Towards the Millennium Development Goals Report. more

Virtual school

August: Indigenous empowerment through media and technology

We launched an electronic platform – as part of our Virtual School that specifically targets young indigenous leaders to help spark and sustain a regional agenda and debate on indigenous peoples’ rights. more

Social Good Summit

September: Social Good Summit

For the first time ever- SGS went truly global. We helped the summit span the globe – from hubs in New York, Nairobi and Beijing with meet ups in nearly 300 cities from Madrid to Mogadishu. more

Biodiversty strategy

October: An ambitious strategy to protect biodiversity

UNDP will work with national governments to protect biodiversity and manage ecosystems across 1.4 billion hectares of land and bodies of water, comparable to the area of Australia, India and Argentina combined. more

Ope Data

November: UNDP Open Data portal

We opened data on over 6,000 projects in this transparency drive, allowing open, comprehensive public access to data on UNDP's work in 177 countries and territories, and fulfilling a commitment to full transparency by 2013. more

Match against Poverty

December: Match Against Poverty

More than 50,000 football fans in Porto Alegre, Brazil watched Ronaldo's team beat Zidane's in the 10th Annual Match Against Poverty. Proceeds of the Match went to youth projects in Brazil and Cape Verde. more

Video Highlights


The Match Against Poverty
The African Human Development Report
Helen Clark and Valerie Amos visit Niger
The Sustainable Future We Want

UNDP has decades of concrete development experience in countries ranging from fragile States to middle-income countries like Brazil and Indonesia. This, combined with our four focus areas, make us uniquely situated and qualified to answer the UN’s call for a better and more sustainable future.

The Development Advocate

How do you quantify dignity? What is the mathematical equation for overcoming adversity? Where is the algorithm for finding the courage to speak the truth? Read stories about transformational change from around the world

Somalia Human Development Report 2012

The  report  reveals that although the majority of Somali youth believe they have a right to be educated (82%) and a right to decent work (71%), they feel disempowered by multiple structural barriers built into the family, institutions, local government and society at–large.