UNDP launches poster series to highlight results

Jun 26, 2012

UNDP launched 18 full-colour posters today highlighting the critical and transformative development results the organization is achieving in countries and communities across the world.

"All the posters have a common theme and are centred around people because ultimately development is about changing and improving human lives,” said Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator. “From reducing carbon emissions in Croatia to getting more people to vote in the Southern Sudan referendum, and to improving market access for sugarcane farmers in Bangladesh, these posters best tell the story of a busy organization dedicated to development and producing transformational results in more than 170 countries."

The poster series showcases key work that UNDP is pursuing in all areas of its mandate, including poverty reduction, HIV and AIDS, democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery and environment and energy. The series is currently on view at the annual session of UNDP’s Executive Board in Geneva, Switzerland. The posters are part of a greater UNDP effort to emphasize for donors and their constituencies the real, on-the-ground results that the organization is able to produce in partnership with governments, donors, civil society, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and, of course, the beneficiaries themselves.

UNDP’s Facebook community will be able to choose their favorite poster through likes and tags.

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