UNDP opens Istanbul centre to engage private sector

Mar 11, 2011

Istanbul - Turkey's role in the international community and its important contribution to development make Istanbul an ideal location for a new centre to engage the private sector in anti-poverty efforts, said Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

UNDP's International Centre for Private Sector in Development will also be a source of expertise on building business models that promote home-grown enterprises and create employment.

“To meet their aspirations countries need dynamic and competitive business creating jobs and spurring innovation,” said Helen Clark, on the second day of her four-day trip to Turkey.

“People in country after country are calling not only for new freedoms and an end to injustice, but also for the chance to earn a decent wage and improve their standard of living,” she said.

“The events which have swept across a number of the Arab states remind us of the importance of inclusion and sustainable growth and development.”

Earlier in the day, Helen Clark and Turkey’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu, signed an agreement on UNDP and Turkey's partnership to support global poverty reduction.

“Our agreement reflects and draws on Turkey's global and widely recognized role as a nation which has convening power and a large and growing economy, and is an important contributor to international development cooperation,” said the UNDP chief.

“Put that together with UNDP's global presence across the developing world and our decades of development practice in diverse settings, and we have a powerful combination of skills and resources for development.”

UNDP works with the private sector to speed up progress towards the Millennium Development Goals – a set of eight internationally–agreed objectives to reduce poverty, hunger, disease, and maternal and child deaths by 2015.

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