Realizing Africa's Wealth -
Building Inclusive Businesses for Shared Prosperity

Sub-Saharan Africa has become one of the world’s fastest growing regions but despite this progress, there has been limited impact on the region’s poverty reduction. A new report by the United Nations Development Programme, titled “Realizing Africa’s Wealth – Building Inclusive Businesses for Shared Prosperity,” takes a detailed look at the approaches and conditions required to bring economic growth closer to low-income communities, focusing on how businesses can include them as consumers and entrepreneurs.
With 170 in-depth case studies and a database of 600 institutions, the new report paints a broad picture of the state of inclusive business in Africa, examining a wide spectrum of sectors from banking to agribusiness. By working together to increase information and the incentives and investments required to make businesses more inclusive, policy-makers, business owners and development practitioners in Africa will be in a position to make dramatic advances across the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), argues the report.

See here the full Inclusive Business Report in English or French

Find below full versions of selected case studies

1. Cadbury Cocoa Partnership (Ghana)
2. Dunavant (Zambia)
3. GADCO (Ghana)
4. Inova (Burkina Faso)
5. L'Occitane (Burkina Faso)
6. PepsiCo (Ethiopia)
7. Toughstuff (Kenya)

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