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UNDP recognizes the tremendous knowledge that foundations offer in a variety of areas ranging from governance, environment to health and financial inclusion and works with them to utilize their expertise and knowledge capacities. Our partnerships with philanthropy build on a range of assets and comparative advantages to find solutions to common development challenges. Both global and local foundations are providing strong backing for UNDP's development activities. We work in partnerships with community foundations and civil society organizations to better address issues at the local level.

All levels of the organization, including UNDP country offices, regional centers and the HQ, are involved in partnerships and relationships with philanthropy. At the HQ, our focus is on forging global relations which span over a number of countries, while collaboration at the country level emphasizes partnerships to tackle concrete issues, link with policy discussions and national development plans.

UNDP is also actively seeking developing relations with foundations and philanthropic organizations from emerging countries, where philanthropy is growing.

Partnering with foundations in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

We are engaging with foundations in country based dialogues about the implementation of the Post-2015 Agenda. Our activities include new ways of communications, inviting foundations and civil society organizations to policy discussions as well as other outreach events to encourage foundations to participate in the Post-2015 development agenda.  

A new effort to address the challenges, the SDG Philanthropy Platform, is designed to help philanthropy understand better the opportunities for engaging in the SDGs, and their responsibilities as they engage; help governments and the UN system understand the added value of philanthropy’s engagement; help philanthropy play a greater role by giving a greater voice to grantees. The global platform connects to country activities in Kenya, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia and Zambia. Read more at www.SDGfunders.org  

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