Platform Human Development

UNDP formally launched Platform Human Development 2010 (later renamed “Platform HD”) at a consultation with civil society leaders in New York in June 2009 as a forum to facilitate the engagement of the United Nations with civil society actors at multiple levels and areas to generate critical debate and perspectives on the emerging vision of an inclusive multilateralism.

Platform HD marked a number of milestones: the 20th anniversary of the launch of the UNDP Human Development Report, the ten-year review of the Millennium Declaration and the MDGs, as well as “Beijing+15.”

Supported by the United Nations MDG Achievement Fund, it aimed at exploring new thinking in the human development discourse, at defining an agenda and process for UN-civil society co-convening at national and regional levels, and at identifying specific projects and processes to advance a “new multilateralism.” A further objective of the platform was to renew strategic and practical opportunities for civil society to contribute to MDG processes at the local and national levels.

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