How does the Gender Thematic Trust Fund (GTTF) Work?

The GTTF enables donors to channel resources through ear-marked or nonearmarked contributions:

Earmarked contributions support any thematic window, regional or country level programmes/projects, as specified by the donor, in line with the thematic priorities of the Fund

Non-earmarked contributions support global/regional and country-driven projects that fall within the thematic priorities of the Fund. These range from USD 50,000 to USD 500,000 and can last for up to two years.

Successful projects are allocated through a competitive process and must meet the following criteria:

  • Innovative: support initiatives characterized as 'pushing the frontiers,' addressing critical areas and potential breakthroughs
  • Catalytic: leverage new ideas and have resource mobilization potential and a high likelihood of receiving support from the government or other partners for following up or scaling up
  • Multi-disciplinary: address issues that are cross-sectoral, such as gender-based violence,which otherwise fall through the cracks or are not addressed holistically
  • Other: include strong components of inter-agency coordination, advocacy, capacity development and knowledge management

The GTTF projects are subject to rigorous monitoring and evaluation. Donors are provided with an annual substantive and financial report, detailing the results of each funded project.

Guidelines to Apply

(7/24/09) Guidelines on how to apply for funds from the GTTF are forthcoming; check back soon!

In 2008, through an earmarked contribution, the Government of Denmark and Finland supported the Global Gender Climate Alliance, a partnership alliance of 30 UN agencicies and civil society organizations, which seeks to ensure that climate change politicies and initiatives at the global, regional and national levels fully take account of gender dimensions and cinlude women's voices in decision-making processes.