What are the priorites of the Gender Thematic Trust Fund (GTTF)?

The GTTF supports initiatives that are aligned with each programmatic thematic area of UNDPs Gender Equality Strategy, namely:

Poverty Reduction and Achieving the MDGs

  • Strengthening national capacities to integrate gender equality in national development policies and budget frameworks
  • Promoting women's economic empowerment, including women's economic opportunities, legal status, rights, voice, and their participation in the economy
  • Integrating gender-responsive approaches into AIDS strategies and budgets and strengthening national capacities to address the particular needs ofwomen and girls, in efforts to reach universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support

Democratic Governance

  • Promoting women's political participation in all governance institutions
  • Strengthening women's legal rights, including in the informal sector
  • Assisting national partners to design public services that benefit poor women and men equitably
  • Enhancing national capacities to reduce gender-based violence through multi-sectoral and multi-partnership approaches

Crisis Prevention and Recovery

  • Promoting women's active participation in peace-building and recovery processes and programmes
  • Rebuilding social structures and processes reflecting the needs, interests, and insights of women and men
  • Addressing gender-based violence in conflict prevention and recovery settings, including supporting multi-sectoral response mechanisms that address the specific needs of women and girls andmen and boys
  • Promoting gender equality and women's empowerment in disasterrisk reduction plans and programmes

Environment and and Sustainable Development

  • Enhancing capacities of government and CSOs to ensure that the needs of women and men are addressed in environment and energy policies, plans and budgets, including in climate change mitigation and adaptation policies.
  • Increasing access ofwomen-led businesses andwomen's organizations to environmental finance
  • Collecting and promoting women's local knowledge to protect, sustain, and manage biodiversity and natural resources

Institutional Development and Accountability

  • Strengthening capacities for gendermainstreaming through targeted trainings
  • Improving coordination and joint programming by strengthening UN inter-agency gender theme groups at the country level
  • Enhancing accountability mechanisms for achievement of gender equality in programming and gender parity
  • Integrating gender equality into key global, regional and national policy and planning frameworks
  • Improving development and sharing of knowledge for gender equality results via channels accessible to women and men
GTTF Reports

UNDP has taken significant steps towards championing gender equality thanks to the Gender Thematic Trust Fund, which received a contribution of $5.5 million from the Government of the Netherlands.


The 2007–2008 GTTF funded initiatives in 31 UNDP programme countries. This report consolidates achievements, challenges and lessons learned related to these initiatives, demonstrating how GTTF has enabled programme countries to act faster and be more flexible and innovative in delivering tangible results towards promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.