Why Contribute to the Gender Thematic Trust Fund (GTTF)?

The GTTF is an easy funding instrument with standardized trust fund procedures, providing for both earmarked and non-earmarked financial contributions that address gender equality gaps. Funding requests, channelled through UNDP country offices, are received as short-format proposals and acted upon on a fast-track basis.

The GTTF has become one of the main vehicles within UNDP for financing innovative gender equality initiatives. The fund leverages UNDP's work on gender equality and women's empowerment across 166 countries, particularly at the policy level, bringing dedicated resources and services to address gender dimensions in each of the focus areas.

As the manager of the Resident Coordinator system, reputation among governments as a "reliable partner" and within civil society as a "honest broker," UNDP is uniquely positioned to address a wide range of critical issues of concern to women through strategic partnerships - at local, national, regional or global levels.

GTTF Reports

UNDP has taken significant steps towards championing gender equality thanks to the Gender Thematic Trust Fund, which received a contribution of $5.5 million from the Government of the Netherlands.


The 2007–2008 GTTF funded initiatives in 31 UNDP programme countries. This report consolidates achievements, challenges and lessons learned related to these initiatives, demonstrating how GTTF has enabled programme countries to act faster and be more flexible and innovative in delivering tangible results towards promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.