Gender Thematic Trust Fund

Photo by UN/F Keery
Photo by UN/F Keery

The Gender Thematic Trust Fund (GTTF) was established to meet the challenges of attaining gender equality and achieving the MDGs. The fund provides donors with an efficient way to channel funds towards achieving gender quality results.

Since it's inception, the GTTF has enabled programme countries to achieve impressive development results, breaking new ground in areas where gender issues are often unaddressed -- such as climate change.

The GTTF has received nearly US$10 million and has funded projects in over 65 countries. Over 70 percent of these projects have been in least developed countries and Africa.

Past contributors to the GTTF have included the governments of the Netherlands, Spain, Finland and Denmark.

For more information regarding the GTTF, please contact:

Blerta Cela
GTTF Manager

GTTF Reports

UNDP has taken significant steps towards championing gender equality thanks to the Gender Thematic Trust Fund, which received a contribution of $5.5 million from the Government of the Netherlands.


The 2007–2008 GTTF funded initiatives in 31 UNDP programme countries. This report consolidates achievements, challenges and lessons learned related to these initiatives, demonstrating how GTTF has enabled programme countries to act faster and be more flexible and innovative in delivering tangible results towards promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.