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  • Fast Facts: Gender in Crisis CountriesMar 8, 2013Fast Facts: Gender in Crisis CountriesWomen are often disproportionately affected by conflict, violence and disasters, and their security is often at risk when rule of law breaks down. Their greater vulnerability to poverty threatens their livelihoods, and their voices and interests are often excluded from decision-making in the recovery process.

  • Mar 15, 2005FACTSHEET: Water Governance: The Gender DimensionThe factsheet highlights community action and social mobilization around the provision of basic social services such as water can be an effective 'entry point' for promoting women's empowerment. Having a leadership role in community management of water supplies can increase women's social capital as well as their bargaining power within the household.

  • VisayasFactSheetFeb 7, 2014VisayasFactSheet

  • Yolanda Fact SheetFeb 7, 2014Yolanda Fact Sheet