Environment and natural capital

Mining in DRCThe mining sector operates in conditions of extreme danger, without any safety and health framework, and with disastrous consequences for the environment. The vast majority of the population in the eastern part of DRC still work in this sector. (Photo: Benoit Almeras/UNDP)

UNDP’s Strategic Plan (2014-2017) emphasizes the critical links between environmental sustainability and efforts to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities, and strengthen resilience. Drawing on over forty years of experience, UNDP assists countries to implement their obligations under Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and to integrate environmental concerns into national and sectoral plans and strategies; secure resources; implement programmes that advance inclusive, sustainable development, and strengthen livelihoods.

UNDP’s support for environmental management and nationally-owned sustainable development pathways includes the following areas: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, including Forest Management; Sustainable Land Management and Desertification; Water and Ocean Governance; Climate Change; Energy; Chemicals and Waste Management; Green Economy; and Extractive Industries. UNDP works across these areas to address issues of environmental governance, policy, regulation, capacity development, financing, human rights, gender, technology, South-South learning, and public, private, and civil society partnerships at all levels.

As a leading purveyor of environmental technical assistance and grant financing, UNDP works in over 170 countries and territories, including LDCs, SIDS, post-conflict and fragile states. UNDP is an accredited multilateral implementing agency of the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Multilateral Fund (MLF), and Adaptation Fund (AF), since their establishment. As a GEF implementing agency, UNDP offers integrated technical services for eligibility assessment, programme formulation, co-financing, implementation oversight, knowledge and results management, evaluation, and performance-based payments. As an MLF implementing agency, UNDP provides capacity development, policy advice, technical assistance, technology transfer and training services to help countries meet their Montreal Protocol obligations. UNDP has assisted over 150 countries to access more than $2 billion from these vertical funds since 2010.

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