Inclusive growth: Addressing inequality and social exclusion

 Apricot drying in Tajikistan.Through the Aid for Trade project, UNDP promotes trade and country competitiveness in 11 countries in Central Asia, to reduce poverty and improve peoples’ lives. Photo: Petteri Kokkonen for UNDP

Inclusive growth is a development progress sustained over several years, which is environmentally sound and broadly shared across all individuals regardless of circumstances.. For growth to be inclusive, it needs to ensure that no one is barred from reaping its benefits and draws more people into the process through productive employment opportunities. Rapid economic growth will fail to be inclusive without job creation, output and export diversification. On the contrary, inclusive growth can spur structural economic transformation, targeted social protection policies to reach the marginalized and significantly reduce risks and poverty.

UNDP promotes inclusive growth for sustainable development by improving the design and effective implementation of development strategies, policies and programmatic interventions, tailoring support to the development needs of the countries. We provide support to build capacity and help create enabling environment to generate productive employment and job opportunities for youth and women  

Complementary to this, UNDP helps governments to develop analytical tools, policy frameworks and knowledge management systems in countries to undertake strategic planning. UNDP also develops typologies that capture the defining characteristics of countries that have experienced success in achieving inclusive growth by managing their natural resources efficiently.

UNDP provides technical support in the design, expansion and implementation of social protection systems, based on the pillars of inclusivity and comprehensiveness. UNDP works towards institutionalizing a systemic approach to social protection that aims at moving towards a much more coordinated and harmonized responses in the context of poverty, vulnerability and exclusion.

In addition, UNDP assists countries, especially the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), to harness trade opportunities to spur inclusive growth. UNDP promotes regional integration and the development of regional trade strategies to ensure inclusive, sustainable and equitable growth through flagship programmes and initiatives in developing regions. These include, for instance, the African Facility for Inclusive Markets; the Aid for Trade Initiative for Arab States and the Aid for trade initiative in Central Asia.

Partners and Other

UNDP is a member of the Social Protection Inter-Agency Cooperation Board, an interagency cooperation mechanism aimed to enhance global coordination and advocacy on social protection issues and to coordinate international cooperation in country demand-driven actions.

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