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Poverty Reduction

Economic growth will not reduce poverty, improve equality and produce jobs unless it is inclusive. Inclusive growth is also essential for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The globalization process, when properly managed, becomes an important ingredient for inclusive growth. In this context, UNDP works to make real improvements in people’s lives, opening up their choices and opportunities.

Our Goals

UNDP promotes inclusive and sustainable human development and works to reduce poverty in all its dimensions. We focus our efforts on making growth and trade benefit everyone in developing countries.Fast Facts about UNDP and Poverty Reduction

Facts and Figures

In 2013 Ethiopia has launched an Entrepreneurship Development Programme in partnership with UNDP, to train talented young men and women. By 2015, the aim is for 200,000 to manage successful businesses. more

Our Stories

UNDP in Guatemala
UNDP in Guatemala
Broadening career opportunities in Guatemala

Evelin Quevedo, Daniel Vargas and Sasha Saraí are around 20 years old and share the satisfaction of having reached their common goal: find a job bymore 

UNDP in Kyrgyzstan
UNDP in Kyrgyzstan
The chicken or the egg? Villagers in Kyrgyzstan say both

When Kalys Turganbaev returned to his home village in the Naryn province, to take care of his elderly parents, he had to find work out ofmore 

UNDP in Eritrea
UNDP in Eritrea
Helping communities boost food security in Eritrea

With only a handful of children playing around in an open field, the village of Lamza, on the outskirts of the capital city of Eritrea, looksmore 

UNDP in Viet Nam
UNDP in Viet Nam
Ethnic minorities escape poverty in Viet Nam

In Muong Lat, a mountainous district of the Thanh Hoa province in Viet Nam, Luong Thi Xuan’s family is now better-off by raising Kerria Lacca, anmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Employing India: Guaranteeing Jobs for the Poor

    A pioneering piece of legislation that recognises work as a fundamental right and guarantees 100 days of employment a year to people in rural areas is emerging as a ray of hope for India’s poor, who have been left even more vulnerable by the aftershocks of the global economic crisis. more 

  • Microfinance in Mongolia

    A nation in transition In the 1990s Mongolia transformed from a centrally planned to a market-driven economy. By 2004 the private sector’s share of GDP had...more 

  • Jamaica spends most of its government revenues on the repayment of debt and its interest, with little left over to spend on poverty reduction and infrastructure. Jamaica's Debt Exchange programme lightens its debt servicing burden by restructuring domestic debt. more 

  • Poverty and Social Impact Analysis (PSIA) studies help developing countries analyse the impact of the economic crisis and come up with policies to better deal with consequences of the crisis on poor and vulnerable people. more 

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