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Global Gender and Economic Policy Management Initiative


The Global Gender and Economic Policy Management Initiative (GEPMI) is a comprehensive capacity development and policy advisory services programme that aims to accelerate achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by making economic policies and poverty reduction strategies deliver results equitably to women and men, girls and boys.

This programme was designed by UNDP, through regional partnerships, in order to respond to the urgent need to incorporate gender perspectives into national development frameworks. In close collaboration with leading international and regional scholars, feminist economists and policy makers, this global programme was designed with three major interconnected components:

(1) A three-week course on Gender-Responsive Economic Policy Management:
This short course aims to provide hands-on skills to middle-level government planning officials, parliamentary staff, civil society organizations (CSOs) and UNDP policy advisers. The course consists of twelve modules addressing the most critical gender issues in all aspects of economic development (economic analysis, policy analysis, poverty reduction, statistics, employment, unpaid care work, macroeconomics, trade, taxation, medium term expenditure framework and budget).

(2) GEPMI-Tailored Country level advisory services and capacity development workshops. GEPMI’s short course modules can also be used individually and tailored for immediate and specific capacity development and policy advisory support to meet a country’s particular needs. A team of highly qualified regional experts, whose quality is assured by UNDP, through regular training and continuous knowledge sharing, is available to provide these services on request.

(3) A Master’s of Arts in Gender-Aware Economics: A first in the world of its kind, aims to generate a new cadre of economists who are able to integrate gender equality as a parameter in economic analysis, policies and budgets.

Currently implemented in Africa, the Arab States and Asia and the Pacific, GEPMI will be expanding to other regions in the near future.

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Contact UNDP’s Gender Team (gepmi@undp.org) for general inquires about GEMPI.