UNDP Around the world

Focus Areas

  • Development Cooperation and Finance

    Developing countries need finance to be able to pay for development, to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and reduce poverty. Most important are domestic resources, but these should be supplemented with aid and debt relief.more 

  • Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development

    Oil, gas and mineral production and export enable developing countries to invest in human capital, infrastructure and environmental regeneration. However, there are also risks associated with natural resource wealth. more 

  • Gender and Poverty

    Equality between men and women is a matter of social justice. Gender equality also makes good economic sense and is central to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.more 

  • Inclusive Development

    Development can be inclusive only if all people contribute to creating opportunities, share the benefits of development and participate in decision-making. This requires employment, effective social protection, and good public services.more 

  • MDG Strategies

    To reach the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, developing countries need to plan strategically and scale up successful initiatives, while donor governments are called upon to renew their commitment to MDGs.more 

  • Participatory Local Development

    Local leaders often know best what works and what does not in their communities. Development initiatives must respond to local realities - national planning must be coupled with local action.more 

  • Poverty Assessment and Monitoring

    The fight against poverty requires a better understanding of what causes poverty, who is poor and how poverty changes over time. Accurate, reliable data helps to monitor and analyse poverty.more 

  • Private Sector

    Private enterprises can reduce poverty by creating jobs, providing goods and services, and paying taxes to finance essential services and infrastructure. Markets need to be put to work to provide opportunities for the poor.more 

  • Trade, Intellectual Property and Migration

    Globalization has the potential to advance human development around the world. People in developing countries must be able to benefit from trade, investment, migration and rules on intellectual property rights.more