Contributors to regular resources

Fifty-five countries contributed to regular resources in 2014, which totalled $792,5 million.

UNDP’s daily operations are based on a regular, core budget - 87% of which we receive from our top 10 partners:

Bar Chart

The importance of core funding

UNDP’s core budget is critical to maintaining a stable and predictable resource base which provides high-quality development support, differentiated services across the 166 countries where we operate, and long-term development expertise. Core funding enables UNDP to respond to emerging crises, and preserve our multilateral, impartial and universal character. These funds also allow us to support to resident coordinator system for ensuring greater effectiveness and coherence of the United Nations development system as a whole.

Core resources allow UNDP to:

  • plan ahead,
  • be strategic and responsive,
  • strengthen accountability, transparency and oversight,
  • advance United Nations coherence and coordination, and
  • provide predictable, differentiated services across programme countries, particularly to the poorest and most vulnerable – at least 80% of our core programme resources go to Low-Income Countries (LICs) and at least 60% to Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

With our new Strategic Plan 2014-17, we are seeking to promote multi-year funding commitments with our partner countries. This will allow us to predictably plan and deliver improved development results with greater coherence and integration in support of national development priorities with UN sister agencies, development partners and local stakeholders.