Staff notes

Connecting islands, weathering storms

Climate change adaptation specialist Yusuke Taishi helps communities in Tuvalu reduce the risk from disaster.  

Long journey to peace

Tong Try, of the Mine Action Unit at UNDP Cambodia, has dedicated his entire career to ridding his country of landmines and other “explosive remnants of war".  

Keeping the Caribbean safe

Marlon Clarke helps countries and communities manage risk -- so that natural hazards don't become disasters.  

How can data save lives in Asia Pacific?

Shairi Mathur helps UNDP’s Country Offices to build programmes that reduce the risks associated with disasters, and manages the regional preparedness for recovery portfolio.  

Keeping people safe from floods

Aida Hadzic-Hurem creates, implements and promotes UNDP’s projects that reduce the risk of disasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

How to save Mozambique from disasters

Titus Kuuyuor advises the government of Mozambique on how to manage the risks of disasters, and how to adapt to the effects of climate change.  

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