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  • Climate-smart water

    Balancing the needs of some people in Sri Lanka, a UNDP project is working to revive the ecological balance that had been achieved in ancient times and ensure climate resilience well into the future.

  • Breaking the silence

    Through it's Transitional Justice Fund, UNDP supports and empowers victims of sexual violence in the context of the armed conflict in Colombia, preceding the peace treaty between the Colombian government and FARC rebels.

  • Fuelling green energy in Niger

    Niger’s Rural Energy Service Access Programme (PRASE), funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the European Union, is a comprehensive and ambitious national strategy that aims to provide access to sustainable and renewable energy in all rural communities throughout the country, thus contributing to poverty reduction.

  • To serve and protect

    With its unique landscape, dotted with Lemurs, baobab trees, and chameleons, few places on earth are as evocative - or as important - for biological diversity as Madagascar.

  • How I work to end violence against women in Somalia

    Victoria Nwogu, from Nigeria, is the Head of the Cross-cutting Unit of our UNDP office in Somalia. She is committed to ending violence against women through addressing gender inequality in Somalia.

  • A champion for domestic violence survivors in Montenegro

    Kaca Djurickovic is a gender programme manager working on women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming initiatives with UNDP in Montenegro.

  • Cambodia’s earth guardian

    As an officer for UNDP’s “Boots on the Ground” programme, Phearanich Hing helps the Cambodian government devote resources (financial and technical) to address climate change challenges in the country.

  • All access Afghanistan

    In a student hostel in Jalalabad, Afghanistan something extraordinary is taking place. A young woman sits on her hostel bed, bent over a textbook. This is Abida, and she is training to be a nurse in a country where most women haven't finished primary school.

  • Boots on the ground with communities in Kenya

    As an officer for UNDP’s “Boots on the Ground” programme, Timothy Ranja manages and provides technical support to Energy and Climate Change Projects in UNDP Kenya.

  • Breathing life into Asia’s forests

    Celina (Kin Yii) Yong provides policy and technical advice to governments, organizations, and communities — including indigenous peoples and forest-dependent communities — on how to work together to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

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