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  • The Philippines: Tearing down to rebuild

    Six months on from devastating Typhoon Haiyan, UNDP is beginning a process that will see new schools rise from the rubble.

  • Return of Colombia's wetlands

    Climate change makes wetlands especially vulnerable to flood and drought. Colombia races to heal a vital ecosystem, thanks to forgotten native seeds more resistant to erratic rainfalls and high temperatures.

  • Perking up the coffee business

    Despite the success of their coffee around the world, small producers fight to secure their future and preserve their environment.

  • One ocean

    Three individual stories and a global effort to save our oceans.

  • Waves of action

    Over-fishing, pollution, the loss of habitat, the invasion of exotic species, and ocean acidification are endangering our oceans' health. The cost is at once economic, social and environmental.

  • Building back better

    After 2016's 7.8 scale earthquake devastated the coastal area of Ecuador, UNDP's Emergency Community Work and Debris Management initiative was launched to rebuild lives and reduce future risk.

  • Keeping the Caribbean safe

    Marlon Clarke helps countries and communities manage risk -- so that natural hazards don't become disasters.

  • Innovation for development in Uganda

    Refugees from South Sudan and host communities in Uganda team up to propose solutions for shared challenges.

  • Innovation for development in Uganda

    Uganda is known for its progressive policy where refugees are provided land, freedom of movement, and access to employment and social services. This hospitality has been extended to over 200,000 South Sudanese refugees currently settled in the Adjumani district of Northern Uganda.

  • How can data save lives in Asia Pacific?

    Shairi Mathur helps UNDP’s Country Offices to build programmes that reduce the risks associated with disasters, and manages the regional preparedness for recovery portfolio.