Knowledge & Innovation in UNDP


During the week of 22 September 2014, more than 20 UNDP Country Offices hosted events with national partners, colleagues and external experts to accelerate innovation for development. The SHIFT Week of Innovation Action is an initiative of UNDP’s Innovation Facility. This Facility is designed to offer the organization and its collaborators across the globe with technical and financial support to explore and try new approaches to increasingly complex development challenges. more

Knowledge Management

The key objective of KM in UNDP is to drive UNDP’s global leadership in achieving the seven outcomes of the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan 2014-2017 re-aligns UNDP’s attention on a set of priority areas around Sustainable Development Pathways, Inclusive and Effective Democratic Governance and Resilience, to position UNDP more distinctively as a thought leader in the global development debate, and increase its impact on development results. more

Our Stories


    Moldova’s innovation hub: Changing the way we police

    In June this year we launched our Innovation Facility with generous support from the Government of Denmark. The initiatives we fund involve end users as designers of solutions which are put directly to the test in various countries across the world... more


    Games and apps that build peace

    When I was in Liberia last year, my national colleagues were making fun of me because of my ancient Nokia, compared to their flash phones. I will admit that I could use an upgrade, but I was struck by how ubiquitous smart phones have become – even in developing countries... more

Knowledge Management Strategy

UNDP's knowledge management strategy framework for 2014-2017

UNDP Innovation Community

UNDP's Innovation for Development community is a space on Teamworks, our knowledge-sharing platform, where members can connect with a vibrant network of innovators and receive innovation-related updates.

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