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HIV, Health and Development

Globally there are 34 million people living with HIV. While new HIV infections have declined by 20 percent between 2001 and 2011, the HIV epidemic continues to outpace the response. UNDP works with countries to understand and respond to the development dimensions of HIV and health, recognizing that action outside the health sector can contribute significantly to better health outcomes.

Our Goals

UNDP supports countries to integrate attention to HIV in national planning, gender equality and MDG efforts; promote enabling human rights and legislative environments to reduce vulnerability to HIV and strengthen governance and coordination of national responses; and strengthen implementation of complex, multilateral and multi-sectoral funds and programmes including those financed by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

UNDP-Global Fund Country Impact Sheets

These country impact pages showcase the results, overall impact, capacity development highlights and specific grant information for the countries where UNDP acts as interim Principal Recipient (PR) for Global Fund grants. In countries where UNDP is requested to assume the interim PR responsibility for implementing a Global Fund grant, particular emphasis is placed on strengthening national systems, processes and skills with the aim of transitioning the PR role to a national partner as and when circumstances permit. The impact pages can be downloaded in PDF format for easy sharing or printing. more

Our Stories

UNDP in Kyrgyzstan
UNDP in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan: HIV patient speaks for anti-retroviral therapy

Marat*, a 38-year old father and husband, learned that he was HIV positive while undergoing drug detox in 2009. Pre and post-test counselling wasn’t common inmore 

UNDP in Zambia


UNDP in Bolivia
UNDP in Bolivia
Bolivia: On the way toward eliminating malaria

“In the past, contracting malaria was quite common," said Edwin Moreno Saravia, from the town of Riberalta in Northern Bolivia. "I got the disease myself andmore 

UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina
UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina: A step to end stigma over HIV

The birth of an HIV-negative baby to infected parents is a milestone in the country's effort to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination.more 

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Featured video: UNDP's Response to HIV

Video: UNDP's Response to HIV