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UNDP Oslo Governance Centre support to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16:

Promote Peaceful and Inclusive Societies, Provide Access to Justice and Build Effective, Accountable and Inclusive Institutions and Measuring Governance for Development Results

UNDP has been active over the years in supporting the development of governance indicators. The Oslo Governance Centre continues to play a key role in the development of the SDG16 global monitoring framework, in particular on data collection on the global level.  UNDP in collaboration with other partners convenes and facilitates a Virtual Network for discussions and exchanges with a view to strengthening SDG 16 indicator – on the global and national level. The network brings together various experts and stakeholders, including development practitioners, statisticians, UN agencies and civil society organizations to explore existing indicators and internationally agreed instruments for measuring Goal 16.  The OGC also engages other UN and international actors working on issues related to Goal 16 implementation, measurement, monitoring and reporting such as the Praia City Group on Governance Statistics.

- OGC supported the annual meeting of the Praia City Group on Governance Statistics that took place in Paris from July 4-6, 2016 and is chairing the Praia working groups’ inputs to the Inter Agency Expert group on relevant SDG 16 indicators.  The Praia City Group made up of UN member states national statistics offices will continue to be a key actor in advising the UN Statistical Commission in its work in finalising the official SDG 16 global monitoring framework. UNDP and the OGC is an active partner to the Praia in these processes.

- Country readiness for monitoring SDG16 is a core area of work for OGC and  is contributing in its active engagement and support to pilot countries developing frameworks and systems for producing data to report on Goal 16 related indicators. This is being done in partnership with civil society and intergovernmental processes, integrating global governance data initiatives and employing innovative methods for presenting governance data for national stakeholders. To supplement and complement the official data that is being produced by government and state bodies, these pilot initiatives will also integrate other governance related monitoring initiatives – for example the governance data that countries use within the Open Government Partnership initiative and others.