International Democracy Day 2012

Mapping of Democracy Assessments

International Democracy Day, 2012

In anticipation of this year's International Democracy Day, the UNDP Governance Assessments Programme has conducted a mapping of recent nationally driven efforts to measure democracy or aspects of democratic practice.  The results are the 110 democacy assessment initiatives plotted on the map above. While not comprehensive, these indicate the degree to which national actors are increasingly seeking to understand and improve the quality of governance through assessment processes. 

UNDP's global programme seeks to assist developing countries in producing disaggregated and non-ranking governance indicators to enable national stakeholders to better monitor performance toward democratic governance reforms. You can read more about the Global Programme here, dig into the nuts and bolts of assessments in our How-To pages, or review over 300 assessments in the data base of initiatives focusing on a wide variety of governance themes and processesses. 

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