Knowledge and convening hub

Building on UNDP’s broader expertise in human development, democratic governance and conflict prevention, the renewed Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) aims to become a global centre for policy development and applied research with an overarching focus on democratic governance and peacebuilding in crisis, conflict and transitional contexts. Going forward, OGC will act as a knowledge and convening hub, bringing together like-minded Norwegian, Nordic and Southern partners to support applied research and to develop policy options and tools for governance support.

Work on democratic governance and peacebuilding benefits from continuous exchanges, updates, reflection and rethinking of approaches based on experiences from the field, use of innovative practices including the use of new technologies and academic research. The OGC’s “knowledge generation model” has always been, and will therefore continue to be, grounded in field experiences. It will draw on its unique access to UNDP’s global outreach mechanisms and networks to support the sharing, exchange and co-creation of knowledge.

Governance and Peacebuilding Dialogues and Forum:

The OGC will organize regular Governance and Peacebuilding Dialogues (GPD) stimulating debate between government partners, UNDP practitioners, other UN entities, civil society organisations, development partners, academic institutions and think tanks.  The Oslo GPD series will become a branded source of policy discussions/dialogues and knowledge sharing on the OGC areas of focus: governance challenges in countries that are transitioning towards more inclusive institutions; governance of extractives in post-crisis and post-conflict settings; the governance of inclusion, particularly how societies can address gender inequalities; and measuring governance for development results.

These policy dialogues will contribute to a bigger Forum organized annually in Oslo bringing a wider range of partners together.

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