31 March - 2 April
Empowered Youth, Sustainable Future


Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund Forum on Youth and Development
Regional Bureau for Arab States Youth Workshop

Tunis, Tunisia
31 March - 2 April 2014

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‘UNDP supports policy and programming that aims to ensure that youth are informed, engaged and empowered to contribute to sustainable human development and resilience of their communities. The combination of youth and innovation has the potential to create solutions to development challenges and to transform societies.’

— Helen Clark, Administrator, UNDP


Day Two, 1st April - 16h45-17h45: Innovation Pitches - Invitation to Participate

UNDP wants to hear directly from you! For two hours, participants of the Youth and Political Participation Forum have been crowdstorming ideas for addressing issues related to youth and accountability, political processes, civic engagement, local governance, and participation in countries in transition, crisis or post-conflict. They are now ready to pitch their best ideas to you! Over the next hour, five teams will pitch their best ideas to a fictitious Innovation Board onsite in Tunisia. After each pitch there will be a Q&A period during which the Board will ask questions of the presenters. We will select one or two questions from our online community to ask the presenters as well. So, if you want to know more about a pitch, please write your thoughts in the Question Box below to feed to the Innovation Board (indicating which group it is for) and maybe you’ll hear it asked live! Once all five pitches have been made, you may vote for your favorite!

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