Gender Equality Certification Programme for UNDP Entities

The UNDP Gender Equality Seal

To promote gender equality both as a development goal and an integral part of how the organization itself works, UNDP created the Gender Equality Seal corporate certification programme. Recognizing UNDP Country Offices for delivering transformational gender equality results, the Gender Equality Seal awards Gold, Silver or Bronze seals to Country Offices that have met a range of specific standards for integrating gender equality into their work. To receive a Gender Equality Seal, standards must be met in the following seven areas:

  • Management systems;
  • In-house capacities;
  • Enabling environment;
  • Communications and Knowledge management;
  • Programmes;
  • Partnerships; and,
  • Gender results.

The Gender Equality Seal process creates incentives for solid work on gender equality and helps to improve organizational efficiency and consistency. It serves as a learning platform to help UNDP Country Offices and business units establish baselines, fine-tune strategies, address gender gaps, document innovations and showcase the impacts of interventions for gender equality. The UNDP Gender Equality Seal is adapted by UNDP from the Certification programme for private and public organizations. UNDP also helps UN entities and national partners develop standards for meeting gender equality and women’s empowerment commitments.


Gender Seal Timeline and Achievements

Successfully piloted in 2011, the Gender Equality Seal was rolled out in 2013, in which 29 country offices completed the rigorous 18-month process for certification. The second and most recent round took place from 2015-2016 in which 31 country offices achieved either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certification.* In total, 57 UNDP country offices across all regions have completed the Gender Equality Seal Certification programme.

Country office achievements are marked by a range of significant contributions to gender equality. For instance, in the 2013-2014 round, UNDP Somalia assisted the government in reaching the 25% quota for female representation in the Federal Parliament. In 2015-2016, UNDP Moldova helped to establish services for women victims of domestic violence, and UNDP Afghanistan has contributed to women’s entrepreneurial opportunities in 19 provinces throughout the country. 


* Several country offices were re-certified from the previous 2013-2014 round.

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