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Contributors to regular resources

Regular resources form the bedrock of UNDP, and hence are vital to support our work to eradicate poverty and reduce inequalities and exclusion around the world. Regular resources allows UNDP to allocate funds where they are needed most, respond flexibly to crisis, serve as the backbone of UN system coordination, and maintain the high standards of quality assurance and transparency that are crucial for the effective management of development funds.

In 2015, the "100 partners" campaign was launched to increase and diversify our regular resources funding base and to expand the number of contributors to 100 by 2017.

Core Contributions to UNDP in 2016

Core Contributions to UNDP in 2015

Regular resource contributions for 2017

as of July 2017

To date, we have received contributions to UNDP's regular resources from the following partners:  




Norway 64,241,114
Sweden 61,554,100
Switzerland 56,660,040
Canada 30,581,040
Netherlands 29,692,471
Germany* 13,669,104
France 9,836,759
Ireland 8,271,078
New Zealand 5,551,700
Luxembourg 2,771,967
Saudi Arabia 2,000,000
Finland 1,085,776
Thailand 865,112
Kuwait 570,000
Singapore 300,000
Iceland 185,153
Costa Rica* 106,703
Chile 100,000
Estonia 78,452
Pakistan 70,012
Indonesia** 70,000
Malta 20,921
Guyana 9,927
Cuba 5,000

* Contributions received to date are part of multiple payments scheduled in 2017.

** Contributions intended for 2016 but received in 2017 are not shown above.


Partners that made multi-year pledges

Antigua and Barbuda 2016-2017
Australia 2016-2019
Belgium 2017-2020
Canada 2016-2018
Netherlands 2016-2017
New Zealand 2016-2018
Switzerland 2015-2017
Turkey 2013-2017

New or returning partners contributing in 2017

as of July 2017