Towards a sustainable future

Towards a sustainable future
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We strengthen the capacity of developing countries to change their path towards a low-carbon future, because climate change demands that we grow in a different way. That means ensuring they have better access to carbon finance to pay for low-carbon development and that they are skilled putting that money to work where it is needed. That includes driving private and public finance towards cleaner investments, from biomass power plants in Thailand to CFC-free refrigerators in Brazil. We help ensure they can put policies into action – like protecting their forests - that will lead them towards a green, sustainable future. In doing this, UNDP helps developing countries to contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.

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Programmes and Initiatives

Mitigation: UNDP works to strengthen the capacity of developing countries to change their path towards a low-carbon future.


Sustainable Energy: Through an integrated development approach, UNDP works to help create enabling policy frameworks, develop local capacity and provide knowledge-based advisory services for expanding access to energy services for the poor.


Clean Development Mechanism:The UNDP-UNEP partnership enables countries to access carbon finance and cleaner technologies in order to stimulate sustainable development.


MDG Carbon Facility: The MDG Carbon Facility offers a comprehensive package of project development services for developing greenhouse gas emission reduction projects and bringing them to market.


UN-REDD: The United Nations Collaborative Programme on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries


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