Integrating climate change into development

Integrating climate change into development

Much of the thinking to date on how to address climate change has focused on incrementally reducing emissions - such as the commitment to reduce emissions to 5 percent below 1990 levels under the Kyoto Protocol. These incremental improvements are important first steps, but successful climate change management calls for a new development paradigm that integrates climate change into strategies and plans, and that links policy setting with the financing of solutions.

To do this, UNDP collaborates with other UN agencies under the "Delivering as One" framework to help United Nations Country Teams integrate climate risk into the formulation and implementation of key UN cooperation frameworks such as the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). As the co-chair of the United Nations Development Group's Task Team on Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, UNDP helping to develop a guidance note to assist UNCTs mainstream climate change into the UNDAFs. This guidance note will be available in early 2010.

UNDP has also stepped up its own policy and capacity development services on climate change and assists UNDP country and regional offices in climate proofing their development assistance to countries. This includes targeted efforts to integrate climate risks into UNDP programming and providing methodological tools and advisory services.

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Integrating climate change risks: Integrating risks into national development processes and UN country programming.


United Nations Development Group: The UN Development Group unites the 32 UN funds, programmes, agencies, departments, and offices that play a role in development.


Integrating Adaptation into Development: UNDP works to incorporate climate change risks and opportunities into national strategies and plans.


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