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Knowledge Management and Methodology

Knowledge Management and MethodologyPhoto: UNDP

Given the broad range of UNDP activities on adaptation, and the activities of its numerous partners, learning from existing initiatives and sharing knowledge among stakeholders is a priority. UNDP promotes learning and knowledge sharing within and between countries to develop capacity to address climate risks and make decisions under the inherent uncertainties of climate change. In particular, UNDP is implementing a key inter-agency, knowledge management initiative called the Adaptation Learning Mechanism (ALM).

In addition, given that climate change adaptation is a relatively new field, limited guidance and methodologies are available to help practitioners and decision-makers. UNDP has developed a unique set of methodologies and resources to support countries in developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating adaptation initiatives.

Based on its strengths and experience, UNDP provides support in three key areas: Integrated Policy and Planning, Formulating, Financing and Implementing Climate-resilient projects and programmes, and knowledge management and methodology support.

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