Integrated Policy and Planning

Integrated Policy and Planning
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To address climate change effectively and achieve the MDGs, development policies and plans must take into account climate change impacts. In an effort to strengthen integrated policies which reflect the interests of the most vulnerable communities, UNDP supports policy dialogue on the risks of climate change to development. This includes engagement with a range of relevant stakeholders, from key line Ministries and parliamentarians, to the private sector, media, and civil society. UNDP also supports awareness raising activities and increases national capacity to co-ordinate Ministerial views on climate change, participate in ongoing UNFCCC processes, and stay updated on the development of the convention.

UNDP supports activities which seek to incorporate climate change risks and opportunities at two levels: national strategies and plans and UNDP/UN development assistance. This is done through supporting climate-resilient development across UNDP’s practice areas, including poverty reduction, democratic governance and crisis prevention among others.

Related Publications and Resources

  • Mar 10, 2010Stocktaking of Tools and Guidelines to Mainstream Climate Change AdaptationThe report provides a summary of existing tools and good practices from a range of organisations to guide development practitioners in their climate change mainstreaming efforts. The components and entry points of the mainstreaming process are explored; Key climate change adaptation and mainstreaming concepts are defined; and a comparative overview of existing tools and guidelines is provided.

  • Oct 30, 2008Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Approach to AdaptationThe focus of this Advisory Note is to show how SEA approaches can help mainstream adaptation to climate change into strategic planning. It is used to integrate considerations related to climate change into national development or sectoral management planning or policymaking processes. For more information, visit:

Projects and Initiatives

Integrating climate change risks: Integrating risks into national development processes and UN country programming.


Capacity Development: A UNDP project assisting countries strengthen their capacity to participate in the UNFCCC process.